Three rabid bats found in Natrona County this summer

Undated photo of a field biologist examining a long-legged myotis bat. photo h/t Leandra Boodoo, Wyoming Natural Diversity Database

Three bats in Natrona County have tested positive for rabies this summer, according to K2 Radio.

The Casper-Natrona County Health Department says that number is a significant increase from previous years.


All three that tested positive were between June 7th and mid-August. There have not been any reports that we’re aware of, of rabid bats in Fremont County this summer.

Dr. Karl Musgraves of the Wyoming Department of Health urged pet-owners to vaccinate their animals for rabies. That includes dogs, horses, and other livestock. He also urged pet-owners to report bites to local animal control officers and follow quarantine guidelines as soon as possible.