Thinking about the upcoming race for Mayor of Riverton…

    A letter by Rick and Josephine Gilpatrick in support of Gard for Mayor:

    Thinking about the UPCOMING RACE FOR MAYOR OF RIVERTON, we have been talking with Rich Gard candidate for Mayor. Rich has some great ideas and here are a few of his bullet points for Riverton’s future.

    A working Community Hospital in Riverton

    • One that meets all the needs of the citizens in times of emergency and no emergent care
    • Support our doctors, nurses and staff that work here
    • Help regain the confidence in our health care in Riverton

    The need to establish a better business atmosphere in Riverton

    • Improve communication between business and the City leaders to foster new economic development
    • Build on the existing relationships with CWC, Riverton Airport, and community based businesses

    Improve youth activities

    • Continued support for sports, academics, and recreation for our young citizens

    Improve the Social Atmosphere in Riverton

    • He is a strong supporter of law enforcement in Riverton
    • Enforce Laws and codes currently on the books
    • Strive to eliminate vagrancy, shop lifting, loitering and the apparent alcohol problem in the community
    • Improving the quality of life in our town

    Revitalize Riverton

    Check out Rich Gard’s Facebook page – Rich Gard for Mayor, and see what this man is all about.

    We think that it is time for a new change for Riverton. Consider a vote for Rich Gard

    Rick and Josephine Gilpatrick


    Paid for by the Committee to Elect Richard Gard


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