The journey to better health begins with a FREE consult – Natural Health Solutions is here to help YOU!

Natural Health Solutions has remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic to serve their patients in any way they can. The only change is they are temporarily closed on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. 

What can Natural Health Solutions do for me?

Success at Natural Health Solutions is based upon the improvement of patient health.


There are many different factors that can lead to an imbalance in your health; most often resulting from either toxicity or deficiency. Every treatment at Natural Health Solutions is geared toward reducing these toxicities and increasing sufficiency. Essentially everything they recommend for a patient is designed to increase the function of the cells and energies within the body.

A treatment plan is designed for each individual to obtain the best results and to optimize both your health and wellness. That treatment plan begins with a FREE consultation and exam to evaluate your current health status.

During a consultation at Natural Health Solutions, Dr. Conard will visit with you, ask questions based on the information you provide, take vital signs, and come up with a treatment plan.

If you suspect that your body isn’t functioning optimally, you may find relief and understanding through a FREE consultation with Dr. Walter Conard at Natural Health Solutions.


For questions or to set up a free consult, please call 307-856-8181 or stop by!

Get started on a path back to your happiest, healthiest self!

Natural Health Solutions | 705 E. Fremont Ave. in Riverton | 307-856-8181 | website


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