The emotional effects of alcohol

Alcohol releases endorphins in the brain and that is why it gives you a relaxed, happy feeling. But over time and with excessive drinking, people often experience negative emotions that can even lead to suicidal thoughts. It’s important for young adults to understand the consequences of heavy drinking and the results it may have. Before you start, learn the facts! surveyed over 1,000 people across the U.S. to understand how drinking alcohol makes them feel, from nostalgic or creative to sad or anxious.

“Many of the Americans we polled told us drinking alcohol made them feel happy. However, people we polled between the ages of 20 and 29 were the most likely to experience negative feelings like anxiety, sadness, and a sense of being overwhelmed. More than half of everyone we polled – regardless of age – told us that drinking alcohol also made them feel depressed at one point or another.”


Wyoming is included in the Mountain region where 14.5% of people polled said they felt overwhelmed when they drank. And overall, ages 21-29 were at 26.1% for feeling overwhelmed. We know this is a vulnerable age with peer pressure but also lots of life lessons. The more informed these young people are about the dangers of overusing alcohol, the more prepared they will be to set a standard for being a responsible drinker if they choose to do so.

The article also goes on to poll for anxiety and of course, happiness. Here are some more results:

Being in quarantine has most likely made these numbers rise. Many people are looking to alcohol to help them through the changes happening in life. Here are some fun NON-alcoholic drink recipes that will allow you to enjoy without negative results.



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