The County 10 Podcast: WWF Government Affairs Director Jess Johnson discusses Camo at the Capital and the power of the Wyoming voice

    (Fremont County, WY)– The Wyoming Wildlife Federation is gearing up for Camo at the Capital on February 2nd in Cheyenne. Jess Johnson with WWF joins the County 10 podcast to invite you to the big event. Wyoming Wildlife Federation is based out of Lander and they would love to see some folks from Fremont County at Camo at the Capital. Jess will tell you more about the event, involve us in some bills with Wyoming Wildlife Federation and she gives us an insight on things to watch and look for as the 2023 General Session has started.

    I was fortunate enough to attend Camo at the Capital last year and it was an eye opening experience. I think many people in Wyoming, including myself, take for granted the public access, hunting/fishing opportunities, and wildlife. The only way to protect it is to stay in the know on what is happening with government officials, during legislation and how things could or are changing in the state. Wyoming Wildlife Federation wants to make sure everyone has the chance to use their voice.

    Jess Johnson at Camp at the Capital 2022

    Jess Johnson has been with Wyoming Wildlife Federation for 7 years and has a major passion for advocating for conservation in the state. She travels globally learning about management of species, lands and how she can bring that here. She frequently is found outdoors hunting, whether it’s on a solo hunt or a hunt with friends. I am sure she prefers the outdoors over being at the capital for the next month or so, which is where you will find her.

    h/t WWF

    You can follow along with what is happening in session here.


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