The County 10 Podcast: The Wyoming Jaycees inviting new members to join the first ever virtual chapter

( Fremont County) – Emily Smith, Morgan Masson and Gwendolyn Labovitch join the County 10 Podcast. Emily is the incoming president for the Wyoming Jaycees, Morgan the incoming secretary and Gwen is with the National Vice President assigned to Wyoming. The Wyoming Jaycees are a part of JCI (Junior Chamber International) and JCI USA. Their mission is “to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change”. 

Talking with Emily, who is the incoming president, she shares examples of things they’ve done in Fremont County over the last five years. For instance running a kids corner at a variety of events, hot drinks and snacks at the Winter Rendezvous Games, running the fair parade for several years through 2019 before the fair took it back over, an egg your yard event at Easter, a social in the park, a building cleanup of the old Jaycees building, and multiple virtual contests during covid to promote community engagement with prizes being gift cards to local businesses to boost the local economy. 

h/t Emily Smith

They are hoping to engage current members and invite new members to join the Greater Wyoming Jaycees, the organization’s first ever virtual chapter.



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