The County 10 Bear Aware Podcast: Wyoming Game and Fish with large carnivore experts Dan Thompson and Brian DeBolt

    ( Fremont County, WY) – Dan Thompson, Large Carnivore Supervisor and Brian DeBolt, Large Carnivore Conflict Coordinator join the podcast to talk more about bears, being bear wise, aware, some tips and tricks and ways they are proactive trying to ensure less human to bear conflicts. There is so much to cover when discussing bears. Where do we start?

    This is what Brian and Dan do for a living so hearing from them is very valuable. Wyoming is home to many different species of wildlife and trying to manage that can be tough. Bears are a major part of the large carnivore department for Wyoming Game and Fish. What is the difference between a Black Bear and Grizzly? We find out about the different colors of black bears and the size of them in Wyoming that may confuse people into thinking they are grizzlies. Bear spray vs. having as pistol and we even are privy to some stories they have been involved in or heard of that can help us understand more the seriousness with living with these great creatures.

    Wyoming Game and Fish has a great website for being bear wise, it really is worth taking the time to check out if you live in bear country.


    We have a responsibility as Wyomingites to set a good example for our out of state visitors.


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