Thank you for voting!

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    Thanks to all the voters in House District 54 who took the time yesterday to vote in this important election regardless of who you voted for.  

    Thanks to all who voted for me again. I don’t take your vote lightly, and I don’t take representing you, the rest of Fremont County, and the interests of Wyoming lightly. 

    This election cycle had a lot of emotion and outside influences impacting voter opinions and driving the campaign issues, I congratulate you for taking the time to set aside emotion and to investigate the history of the issues being discussed. 

    Wyoming as I have repeatedly stated during this campaign is at a critical junction, both with challenges and incredible opportunities impacting its future. The legislative decisions we will be making over the next two years will define the state’s road map for the next 100 years and impact our citizens for many generations. I look forward to working with you in making the right decisions on these important choices.

    It is not always easy for our citizens to navigate the bureaucracy of state government, please know I am always available to help you get the information you need and the answers you deserve.

    Again, with all my heart, I want to thank you for your vote and the opportunity to represent you in our state’s legislature.

    – Representative Lloyd Larsen, House District 54

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