Temporary campsites, camping cabins proposed for Boysen

    (Shoshoni, WY) – Three community members attended the informational public meeting for Boysen State Park at the Shoshoni Recreation Hall last week. The main topic of the evening covered proposed temporary campsites and the amenities that go along with them including temporary camping cabins.

    The proposal presentation was led by Brooks Jordan, Wyoming State Parks Big Horn District manager, and additional information was provided by John Bass, Superintendent of Boysen. Sue Peters, State Parks and Cultural Resources Commission member, also attended the meeting.

    If approved by the landowners, the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), these temporary sites would help alleviate overcrowding issues. Boysen has experienced a 200% increase in visitation since 2019; that number is not expected to be as high for 2021, but still significant.


    In May of 2021, State Parks received ~$6 million of residual CARES Act funds that had gone unused by Wyoming – State Parks received those monies to help alleviate some of the capacity issues that we have at a lot of our parks, Jordan explained.

    A Phase I had already been implemented across the State with approval from the BOR to add temporary campsites last year. This approval expired on September 8th, 2021.

    State Parks identified areas, predominately on the east side of Boysen, that would have the least impact since these are temporary sites as well as areas of potential development from the 2018 Master Plan.

    The current proposal for Boysen includes up to 65 temporary campsites and up to 13 temporary camping cabins. The site locations are the West Side of the Wind River, Brannon Point, Tough Creek, Eclipse Campground, and between roads L13 and L14 on the eastside.


    If BOR approves this proposal, these areas would be considered the Phase II of the temporary expansion capacity campsites.

    “Everything that we’re talking about tonight is proposed,” Jordan said during the meeting. “We haven’t moved any dirt yet; this is all conceptual.”

    The West Side site, located below the dam and above the Upper Wind River Campground on the west side of the Wind River, has seven proposed temporary camping cabins. The other six proposed camping cabins are at Brannon Point making an overall total of 13 proposed camping cabins. Click on each photo below to enlarge.


    These proposed temporary campsites and camping cabin locations would also utilize temporary facilities such as bathrooms if needed.

    The three other locations around the reservoir only have proposed temporary campsites. Click each image below to enlarge.

    According to Jordan, if these temporary sites are approved by BOR, there would not be an impact on the fees. Having this additional camping capacity would actually increase revenue and money could be put back into the Park for things like updates.


    Community members with any concerns or questions are encouraged to contact Brooks Jordan at [email protected] or John Bass at [email protected].

    County 10 will share the latest information on whether or not any of these proposed temporary sites are approved by BOR.


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