Taxiway construction update at Hunt Field in Lander

    As of this November, the taxiway construction project at Hunt Field in Lander has been put on pause. The runway has re-opened and is ready for use.

    According to Mike Beckhoff with Armstrong Consultants, “The Taxiway A Project will be shut down for the winter. The FAA specifications for paving are very strict with regard to temperatures required for production paving. When the temperature gets below 45 degrees it makes it very difficult to get the proper compactive effort into the fresh asphalt before it cools too much.”

    The first 2-inch lift of Taxiway A was paved on November 7 and the test strip and didn’t meet the requirements for compaction. This section of asphalt will be left in place for the winter to allow access to the hangars along the taxiway.

    In the spring, when temperatures conducive to paving return, the project will restart.

    Non-conforming asphalt placed will be removed at the contractor’s expense prior to beginning paving operations. After paving is completed, the final touch-up grading and hydroseeding will be finished.

    The total project cost for Phase 1 is $3,114,777 and is made possible by a variety of sources.

    • 90% Federal
    • 6% State
    • 4% Local (Paid for by airport fuel sales)

    Phase 2, located at the apron, will take place in 2025. Phase 3, to finish the west end of the taxiway, will take place in 2028 or 2029.

    Chris Johnson, Airport and Fire Hall Facilities Manager, states, “We would have liked to see this project be completed this fall, but the conditions did not allow for that to happen. We look forward to completing Phase 1 in the spring.”

    If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact City Hall at 307-332-2870.

    h/t City of Lander

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