Sweetwater Garden Saturday morning car crash

At approximately 9:20 am on Saturday, June 22nd Sweetwater Garden owner Holly Cassity reports hearing a loud noise and glass shattering. Holly along with the five employees working that morning quickly discovered a car had crashed into the greenhouse.

Holly states, I’m thankful the driver is okay and no one was hurt.


Sweetwater Garden has been in business for over 30 years and nothing like this has ever happened before. The car hit one of the four support poles that hold the greenhouse up stopping the car and preventing any additional damage or injury. The cause of the crash is still unknown at this time.

Holly and her husband Jim are in the process of cleaning up and figuring out the next steps to get everything structurally sound for business. Due to the late spring this year, they are in their peak season right now. More details on their re-opening will hopefully be announced soon.