Suspect sustains fatal injury during the Riverton standoff on April 15th

Riverton standoff on April 15th

The suspect in the April 15th standoff on Aspen Drive in Riverton with law enforcement has been identified as James Hinman, according to Fremont County Attorney Patrick LeBrun. Hinman died earlier today, April 17th, from a fatal wound sustained after initiating gunfire at law enforcement with an AR-15 around 2:00 pm on the 15th.

While the investigation is ongoing and ballistic analysis has not confirmed this, the fatal injury Hinman received does not appear to be self-inflicted, LeBrun explained. Hinman’s injuries were sustained from the initial, and only gunfire during the standoff which appears to have been from one officer. All of the other officers on the scene were “pinned down by Hinman’s gunfire.”


An important piece that LeBrun reiterated was what sounded like a gunshot before Hinman was taken to the hospital, was actually the sound of a flashbang going off as officers entered the residence to take him into custody. No shots were fired after the initial exchange that afternoon.

“A full accounting of the story will occur in the future and no final conclusions will be reached until the complete investigation is done,” LeBrun said.