Sunburns and blazing times on Friday at state track

    Adelyn Anderson finished second in the shot put – h/t Randy Tucker

    The final heats of the 100,200 and 400 meter dashes, and both hurdle events were set in perfect weather conditions on Thursday and Friday at the All-Class Wyoming Track Championships at Harry Geldien Stadium. The 1600-meter run and 4×400-meter relay highlight a final day of competition with class and state records expected to fall in excellent conditions.

    Lacoda Kiser and Natalie Walker round the curve in the 300 meter hurdles – h/t Randy Tucker

    Lander’s Gage Gose is the top seed in both hurdle events and a favorite in the 200-meter dash entering his final day of high school competition.

    Gage Gose led teammates Joel Bever and Jack Pasquinelli in the 200 – h/t Randy Tucker

    Dubois junior Wyatt Trembly is in the same position, in the same events in Class 1-A.

    Ameya Eddy and Marlee Jones cut into lane one in the 800-meter run – h/t Randy Tucker

    There were no Fremont County champions on Friday, but the Lander Tigers and Lady Tigers picked up a second place individual finish and had a pair of relays win silver.

    Remi Herbert and Kerian McCorley in the 800 meter run – h/t Randy Tucker

    Freshman Adelyn Anderson was second in the shot put with a throw of 39-10.5.

    Cora Remacle leading her heat of the 200 – h/t Randy Tucker

    The girls finished as runners-up in the 4×800 meter relay with Marlee Jones, Alandra French, Ellie Kaufman, and Ameya Eddy all running strong legs.

    Ryan Wells took flight in the triple jump – h/t Randy Tucker

    The Tiger 4×100 meter relay team of Jack Pasquinelli, Aidan Russell, Gabe Harris and Joel Bever posted their fastest time of the season in 44.40 to take second .3 seconds behind state champion Torrington.

    Kellen Linnan let the shot fly – h/t Randy Tucker

    Friday Results:

    Class 1-A Girls:

    800-Meter Run: Bryli Groll, COK 2:20.22


    4×100-Meter Relay: 1. Riverside (Kennedy Bassett, Vinaya Vanderploeg, Johnna Clifford, Vaidyn Vanderploeg) 50.82 – New Class Record, 3. Dubois (Molly Sanchez, Avy Jory, Sienna Seabolt, Arianna Foster) 53.43

    4×800-Meter Relay: 1. Saratoga (Allie Condict, Madison Rodriguez, Aspen Sewell, Marilee Williams) 11:06.24, 7. Dubois (Sami Becker, Mia Chandler, Mia Jory, Kenzy Day) 12:34.68

    Pole Vault: 1. Angie Logsdon, SE 9-3, 4. Maren Baker, DUB 8-0


    Long Jump: 1. Sophie Louderback, SE 17-3.5

    Discus: 1. Harper Boche, SE 110-8

    Molly Sanchez on number five in the 300 meter hurdles – h/t Randy Tucker

    Class 1-A Boys:

    800-Meter Run: 1. Drake Plowman, COK 2:02.91

    4×100-Meter Relay: 1. Southeast Goshen (Matthew Campbell, Wyatt Campbell, Dawson Mullock, Austin Short) 44.84, 3. Dubois (Jonah Oard, Wyatt Trembly, Ryan Wells, Kaleb Gleim) 46.72

    4×800-Meter Relay: 1. Burlington (Jordan Michaels, Cohen Schlenker, Grant Winters, Howard McNiven) 8:38.64

    Pole Vault: 1. Kyler Winters, BUR 13-0

    Triple Jump: 1. Ethan Schiller, UPT 43-10.5, 3. Ryan Wells, DUB 41-3

    Discus: 1. Kaben Pickett, ENC 145-11

    Wyatt Trembly is in three finals Saturday – h/t Randy Tucker

    Class 2-A Girls:

    800-Meter Run: 1. Micah Strong, BP 2:22.61

    4×100-Meter Relay: 1. Kemmerer (Jolee Swasey, Laynee Walker, Natasha Martinez, Keira Heiner) 50.13, 8. Wyoming Indian (Madison McCleod, Tommie Standing Elk, Lovelia Underwood, Dinayla Augustine) 58.74

    4×800-Meter Relay: 1. Lingle-Ft. Laramie (Hadley Wilkins, Holly Leiseth, Natalie Speckner, Jordynn Speckner) 10:41.57, 7. Wyoming Indian (Michaela Hiwalker, America Oldman, Gabriella Headley, Roberta Whiteplume) 11:56.90

    Pole Vault: 1. Laynee Walker, KEM 10-0

    Long Jump: 1. Jolee Swasey, KEM 16-9.5

    Discus: 1. Jessica Hoffman, PB 117-0, 6. Allison Tidzump, WR 99-9

    Nick MacIntosh in the middle step of the triple jump – h/t Randy Tucker

    Class 2-A Boys:

    800-Meter Run: 1. Colby Jenks, BP 1:53.64 – New Class Record

    4×100-Meter Relay: 1. Big Horn (Dylan Greenough-Groom, Dawson Richard, Caleb Gibson, Gavin Stafford) 43.88 – New Class Record,

    4×800-Meter Relay: 1. Lingle-Ft. Laramie (Myles Wilson, Nolan Spears, Brayden Posten, Brody Roberts) 8:25.18, 6. Wyoming Indian (Noah Red Willow, Jason Slow Bear, Keiran McCorley, Colton SunRhodes) 9:13.16

    High Jump: 1. Keaton Mills, SUN 6-2

    Long Jump: 1. Caleb Kilbride, TR 21-0.25

    Shot Put: 1. Mitchell Birkhofer, PB 46-10

    Discus: 1. Boyd Oliver, LFL 13-10

    Kiana Swann about to cut to lane one in the 800 meter run – h/t Randy Tucker

    Class 3-A Girls:

    800-Meter Run: 1. Ryann Smith, RAW 2:15.18, 5. Ameya Eddy, LAN 2:26.56

    4×100-Meter Relay: 1. Worland (Maddy Lloyd, Kalistynn Crippen, Nyssa Leyva, Erik Manahan) 49.97 – New Class Record, 4. Lander (Alexa Colman, Avery Crane, Bria Calvert, Avery Bever) 50.58

    4×800-Meter Relay: 1. Powell (Kinley Cooley, Kenna Jacobsen, Megan Jacobsen, Anna Bartholomew) 9:58.91, 2. Lander (Marlee Jones, Alandra French, Ellie Kaufman, Ameya Eddy) 10:10.98

    High Jump: 1. Mya Hutchings, MV 5-2

    Pole Vault: 1. Mylie Micheli, MV 10-3, 6. Alexa Colman, LAN 9-0

    Long Jump: 1. Lily Nichols, WHT 17-0

    Triple Jump: 1. Sydney Spomer, POW 36-3.5

    Shot Put: 1. Katy Dexter, PIN 42-3.25, 2. Adelyn Anderson, LAN 39-10.5

    Reed McFadden on the first curve of the 800 meter run – h/t Randy Tucker

    Class 3-A Boys:

    800-Meter Run: 1. Daniel Merritt, POW 1:59.01, 2. Reed McFadden, LAN 1:59.24

    4×100-Meter Relay: 1. Torrington (Brendan Flock, Benjamin Fuller, Landre Greiman, Dylan Packard) 44.09, 2. Lander (Jack Pasquinelli, Aidan Russell, Gabe Harris, Joel Bever) 44.40

    4×800-Meter Relay: 1. Buffalo (Zach Freise, Brodyn Lambert, Cole Rasmuson, Ryan Rasmuson) 8:20.34

    Gage Gose set a new Class 3-A record in the 300meter hurdle prelims – h/t Randy Tucker

    High Jump: 1. Braydon Bradshaw, LYM 6-4

    Pole Vault: 1. Carter Bradshaw, LYM 13-0

    Long Jump: 1. Benjamin Fuller, TOR 20-11.75

    Shot Put: 1. Dane Branson, MV 50-6, 5. Dylan Huelskamp, LAN 45-9.25

    Class 4-A Girls:800-Meter Run: 1. Sydney Morrell, CC 2:14.21, 6. Kiana Swann, RIV 2:22.76

    4×100-Meter Relay: 1. Star Valley (Grace Collins, Ava Morgan, Kammi Merritt, Valerie Jirak) 48.79, 8. Riverton (Samantha Ablard, Victoria Gale, Ke’Lee Brost, Addison Alley) 52.04

    4×800-Meter Relay: 1. Cody (Kylie Silva, Ava Stafford, Taylen Stinson, Ada Nelson) 9:26.48 – New State Record

    High Jump: 1. Madisyn Baillie, CC 5-4

    Triple Jump: 1. Karson Tempel, CC 37-10

    Shot Put: 1. Josie Ankeny, SHE 42-9.5

    Hectic Action in the 4×100 Meter Relay

    Class 4-A Boys:

    800-Meter Run: 1. Jackson Dutcher, NC 1:54.08, 7. Alexander Truax, RIV 1:58.56

    4×100-Meter Relay: 1. Natrona County (Luke Spencer, Brett Gifford, Nomar Gonzalez, Bridger Anderson) 42.90

    4×800-Meter Relay: 1. Natrona County (Jack Diaz, Tristan Enders, Jameson Munari, Jackson Dutcher) 8:00.87, 6. Riverton (Azaniah Guthrie, Kaden Chatfield, Tyrel Myhre, Alexander Truax) 8:14.03

    Pole Vault: 1. Maddix Blazovich, RS 15-6

    Triple Jump: 1. Landon Walker, KW 45-9

    Discus: 1. Hadyn Fleming, CC 164-0, 5. Nathan Mills, RIV 139-4


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