Success Spotlight: Kevin Siebigteroth, SageWest Health Care

“It’s now five months since my surgery and I graduate from physical therapy tomorrow.”

Kevin is a biomedical technician at SageWest Health Care and a self-described ‘gym rat’ who is passionate about fitness and outdoor activities. When both of his knees had progressively deteriorated to the point when he no longer could do the things he loves without significant pain, he knew he had to have bi-lateral knee replacement surgery and chose to have the procedures done at SageWest.

“I researched and compared the physicians and the outcomes of their surgeries with other facilities in Wyoming and chose to have my surgeries done here at SageWest because the surgeons and staff are easily some of the best in the state – and they are right here in my home town,” Kevin shared. “Having worked here for 19 years I have seen the high standards of care and attention that staff give to all of our patients. And now as someone who was also a patient I have come to know everyone on staff who cared for me on a much deeper level and appreciate their efforts to get to know me as a whole person. From the day I was admitted, through pre-op, med-surg recovery, rehab and discharge, I received excellent care and support that aided my early recovery and a very successful outcome.

“It’s now five months since my surgery and I graduate from physical therapy tomorrow,” Kevin said. “Going into the surgeries I was already in great shape which was a big benefit and really helped my outcome – I call it ‘pre-hab’! Now I am looking forward to getting back to skiing, hunting and doing everything I love to do without pain. I only wish I hadn’t waited so long.”

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