Study suggests Wyoming one of the quickest states to recover from coronavirus-related unemployment

    Much of the country, and state, are still recovering or continuing to hurt from the economic impacts of COVID-19.

    According to WalletHub, an estimated 17.8 million Americans are still unemployed due to COVID-19 related issues. Job growth has been steady since spring and early summer, however. Last week, there were 1.4 million new unemployment claims. That’s compared to 6.9 million during the pandemic’s peak though, which amounts to a 79% reduction.

    When it comes to the states that have recovered the quickest from jobs lost, Wyoming ranks 5th overall among the 50 states and Washington D.C. Connecticut, Oregon, New Jersey, and Vermont are the only states that did better. The survey suggests that Georgia, Florida, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, and Virginia are the slowest to recover since the pandemic began.


    Wyoming’s growth has slowed a bit of late, creating only the 38th most jobs per capita in the United States last week. Michigan, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and South Dakota have seen the most growth over the last 7 days.

    To find the complete study, click here.


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