Stop by the Wednesday Farmers Market! Last market of the season!

A big thank you to our sponsor Wyoming Community Bank for bringing you this content on County 10.

A few hours away from the final Wednesday Farmers Market for the 2021 Season. A huge thank you to all of our vendors for making this market such a huge success. Along with all of our sponsors, Stotz Equipment, Short Construction, AD Martin Lumber, Wyoming Community Bank, and the Fremont County Tourism Board. And thanks to all of our valued customers that make all the local farmers, and small businesses successful. Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight for our final market!!!

Stock up on delicious healthy beef, lamb, chicken.  We also offer a wide variety of fresh, locally produced raw dairy products including milk, yogurt, cream cheese, butter, cream, kefer, cheese.  And of course garden produce is abundant!  Get tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, beets, turnips, potatoes, summer and winter squash, lettuce, peppers….the list goes on!  Many different baked treats ranging from sweet rolls to gourmet cakes, cookies, and doughnuts .  Last, don’t forget to line your pantry shelves with delicious jams and jellies, many pickled products, salsa, and other  processed vegetables. 


Your food dollars spent at the market revolve 7 times through our local economy, helping many other businesses, as well as the farmers and bakers who make them!  Next week is the last market so stock up now! 

Stop by city park Wednesday from 5-7 pm for fresh, fun, and local goods!

Call 851-7162 for additional information.

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