Staff Spotlight: Charity Sturman, SageWest Health Care

Charity is the admissions supervisor at SageWest Health Care and is loved by her colleagues and patients. She has been recognized as the Employee of the Month as well as Best Mentor, and she recently shared what drives her passion for the work she does. “Prior to this position I worked in the medical records department,” Charity said. “I left the hospital for a period of time and then got a call asking if I’d please come back, and as I was looking to stay in healthcare it worked out perfectly. I love being a part of our teamwork environment in the admissions department and I love seeing people in admissions when they enter our hospitals.”

“A typical day here is always busy,” Charity shared. “But I always strive to be empathetic, help people and listen to them. Through a lot of conversations and shared laughter, I get to know our patients quite well. I also like to help out across other departments to help us build a really strong team and really enjoy my co-workers. When I go home at the end of the day I feel like I’ve done something to help someone – it’s very rewarding. Looking ahead I’d like to take classes to help me better understand the business side of our department so I can be even more effective in my role.”

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