Staff, residents of Wind River Rehab all test negative for COVID-19

by | Jun 1, 2020 4:11PM


Below is an update shared by the Fremont County Incident Management Team today, June 1st:

In follow up to last week’s potential exposure, Wind River Rehab has obtained negative results on ALL staff and residents from testing done late last week! This is great news and confirms the benefits of policies to have all staff wear masks while working with residents.  A second round of testing will be done in about a week as has been done in other nursing homes in the state.  We should recall that there may be a delay in someone turning positive, so close vigilance is still paramount and repeat testing, especially in the setting of communal living conditions, is encouraged.


This is important information for business owners to consider with regards to their staff’s personal mask use as they begin to interact more frequently with patrons during this summer season. It may also be helpful to ask patrons to wear masks for the safety of your employees and the community.

With sadness, we acknowledge another Fremont County COVID related death as reported by the state. As the numbers continue to climb in Fremont County, it is imperative that we all understand that the virus is still circulating, and we all need to continue our personal precautions. There is no one place that the virus is.  As a reminder, testing in the county has shown a significant percentage of positive patients who have no symptoms whatsoever to suggest illness.  

Taking all of this into account, it is important that we all continue to wear masks, physical distance and practice all of the other measures that we have spoken of over the past few months.  For a refresher please look at Fremont County’s Public Health page or go to Wyoming 211. It is important for our mental and physical health to begin to get outside, to see people and go to our places of worship but please be prudent.  If you are still concerned about venturing out, please reach out Fremont County Public Health or your local community as they may be able to connect you to other needed resources. 

Brian Gee MD
Fremont County Health Officer

The Fremont County Incident Management Team maintains two websites for local COVID-19 information: Q&A & The Hub.

All the updates from the Fremont County Incident Management Team and Dr. Gee can be viewed on County 10 by clicking here.

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