St. Margaret’s students perform Live History Reenactment at Wind River Heritage Center

“Imagine being able to shoot over your shoulder by looking through a knife blade…” recited student Marguerite Hill portraying the famous sharpshooter Annie Oakey at the 2nd Annual Live Reenactment event that took place at the Wind River Heritage Center on Saturday, April 30.

Positioned in various places throughout the Heritage Center’s wax museum displays, students from St. Margaret’s School were dressed in period costumes and recited vignettes of historical characters such as Buffalo Bill, Sacajawea, Amelia Earhart, Sojourner Truth, Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Aretha Franklin, Frances E. Warren and more–coming to life as families, visitors, and tourists passed by.

Zane Pickett portrays Buffalo Bill at Saturday’s live reenactment at the Wind River Heritage Center.

St. Margaret’s 4th/5th grade teacher Kira Tolman said that this is the second time they’ve partnered with the Wind River Heritage Center in bringing the live reenactments. “It’s a great event because it really brings the community together,” she said, “but I like it because the kids get so excited in learning about these historical figures.”


The students researched, read biographies, and had chosen from a variety of sources about the characters they wanted to portray, wrote their own speeches, and dressed up in their own costumes.

“They pick the characters themselves,” Tolman said. “Then we talk about what makes the person’s life memorable…what connects us to history, what connects us to this historical figure? Why does it make history come alive for us now?”

Tolman was grateful to the Wind River Heritage Center for welcoming them back for a second year. “The kids really blow this event out of the water,” she said. “The excitement they have for their characters…the support from the families and school and the heritage center for their work…really make this event special.”

Sacajawea, the famous Shoshone guide for the Lewis & Clark Expedition, is portrayed by Elizabeth Howard.

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