St. Margaret’s Staff Spotlight: Alumni Retires from St. Margaret’s School, Never Stops Learning

    Karen Huxtable looks forward to retirement, especially after she passed up retirement the first time around in order to end her career at St. Margaret’s School.

    “This is my seventh year here. I was a student at St. Margaret’s School and fortunate to be able to work here … The most rewarding part of my job is sharing my faith with the children in my class and watching their faith grow. When students grow in confidence and in the love of learning, it brings me joy. I love their laughter, prayers, funny stories, and the look on their faces when they learn something new or achieve a goal,” Mrs. Huxtable said.

    Mrs. Huxtable smiles, ready to congratulate a student on working through a math center activity. h/t St. Margaret’s School

    She’s not new to learning something new. “I love to learn. Hopefully I can instill this in my students.” In fact, despite it being her last year teaching, she continues to engage in professional development. The book Mississippi Rising was an inspiration to her, and her current LETRS courses have only increased her desire to learn in order to serve her students, especially in reading. “I mean, I’m finishing off with the best stuff I’ve ever learned!”

    Mrs. Huxtable finds joy in checking on the baby chicks she and her Kindergarteners raised. h/t St. Margaret’s School

    “My very favorite teacher ever is Mrs. Huxtable,” said a Kindergarten student, Myles. “She teaches me how to learn, and she laughs because I say something funny, and she waves at me when I see her every time, and she loves God.”

    She loves God indeed. Mrs. Huxtable believes St. Margaret’s School sets itself apart today because students get to begin the day with prayer and then reflect on their day before dismissal, which “makes such a difference for everyone. We teach the whole child and work on building a school family.”

    One student exudes confidence as Mrs. Huxtable narrates his history project for the class. h/t St. Margaret’s School

    Mrs. Huxtable credits St. Margaret’s School for the foundation of her faith and love of learning. As a child, she attended St. Margaret’s School in 1965. She was in the first 4th grade class when the school opened, and now she gets to retire at St. Margaret’s. When she talks about going to school here, she thinks about the prayer time. “I really remember the advent wreath first thing in the morning. It hung in the hall. Just the atmosphere of the quiet and reverence.”

    Karen Burgess (married Huxtable) in 4th grade at St. Margaret’s School. h/t St. Margaret’s School

    When Mrs. Huxtable talks about her career, she gets a little teary. “This is part of it,” she says, pointing to her tears. “You can’t have all the joy without it.”

    Looking back, she feels fortunate for her education and career. She attended college at MSU Billings, started teaching in Sheridan, and then moved to Glenrock and taught there. She took some time off to raise her children and substitute-taught in Shoshoni, and then spent 20 years teaching for Fremont County School District #25 in Riverton before ending her career at St. Margaret’s School.

    Mrs. Huxtable’s retirement is bittersweet, but she looks forward to spending more time on the farm with her husband, Gary, and with her grandkids. St. Margaret’s staff and students have been blessed to learn alongside Mrs. Huxtable. While they celebrate with her during her last year teaching, she’ll leave an incredible mark and much to be missed.

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    Mrs. Huxtable proudly introduces her Kindergarten class before their memorized literary presentation. h/t St. Margaret’s School

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