Spring is in the air, Riverton USA wrestlers are still on the mat

    (Riverton, WY) – With all of the spring activities starting up, this is a hard time of year for the local USA wrestlers, shared assistant coach Jamey Kirkland.

    Club members are getting spread thin in their after-school activities and make hard choices about which sport to focus on. Some have been wrestling for seven months. 

    “We have to keep the kids focused on the fact that USA State Wrestling is less than a month away, April 16,” Jamey continued.


    “We are focused on wrestling with heart, integrity, and perseverance. Our seasoned wrestlers are setting the tone for the younger wrestlers.”

    The past weekend club members wrestled in Glenrock or Cody.

    In Glenrock, Autumn Osborne placed 1st in the boy/girl; Ares Smith (14U) placed 3rd in freestyle and folkstyle, while earning 2nd in Greco.  Tyree Aragon (14U) earned 1st in folkstyle; Cavell Munda placed 1st in Greco and 2nd in folkstyle.  This set the pace for the younger club members.

    Other Greco placers: William Apodaca (8U) 2nd; Aiden Apodaca (10U) 2nd; Collin Thompson (10U) 3rd; Rylan Gambler (10U) 3rd; Ashton Liedy (10U) 3rd

    h/t Gabriela Piplica – Rylan Gabler and Ashton Liedy

    Freestyler placers: Rhett Trehearne (6U) 3rd; Joel Harris (8U) 2nd; William Apodaca (8U) 3rd; Collin Thompson (10U) 2nd; Rylan Gambler (10U) 1st; Ashton Liedy (10U) 3rd; Aiden Apodaca (10U) 1st; Darin Harris (12U) 3rd; Brody Shepard (14U) 3rd

    Folkstyle Placers: Wyatt Pitt (6U) 1st; Emmitt Coughanour (6U) 4th; Rhett Trehearne (6U) 4th; Grayson Gambler (6U)3rd; Dallas Carroll (6U) 4th; Owen Coughanour (8U) 2nd; Parker Nelson (8U) 3rd;  Joel Harris (8U) 3rd; William Apodaca (8U) 1st; Collin Thompson (10U) 1st; Ryatt Trehearne (10U) 4th;  Rylan Gambler (10U) 3rd;  Ashton Liedy (10U) 2nd; Aiden Apodaca (10U) 2nd; Dennis Thornock (12U) 2nd;  Darin Harris (12U) 3rd; Brody Shepard (14U) 3rd

    In Cody three wrestlers placed: Tracen Barton (10U) 2nd in both freestyle and folkstyle; in folkstyle, Weston Haun (8U) 5th; Bronson Haun (10U) 5th.


    This weekend the club looks forward to doing well at the three-style Rudy Gunter Memorial Tournament in Green River.

    h/t Gabriela Piplica – Ares Smith

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