Spring cleaning for your medicine cabinet

Everyone has a little bit more time on their hands these days. Sitting around at home? Maybe it’s time to do a little spring cleaning by checking expiration dates on all your medications and then clean and organize that medicine cabinet!

Don’t know where to start? Here are some steps to guide you to a safe and healthy medicine cabinet.

Step 1: Monitor


How aware are you of the prescription medications currently in your home? Would you know if some of your pills were missing? From this day forward, make sure you can honestly answer yes. Pay attention to what medication you have and how much. If that means counting pills, then count them. Being aware is the first step.

Step 2: Secure

Protect your medications as you would anything valuable in your home. Hide it in a place only you know about. If possible, keep all medicine, both prescription and over-the-counter, in a safe place, such as a locked cabinet.

Step 3: Dispose

If you no longer use a medication, proper disposal is key. There is never a need to hold onto expired or unused medicine, especially prescription drugs. Fremont County has several locations with drop boxes still available for safe drug disposal. Please remember to use hand sanitizer and or sanitizing wipes before and after using the drop boxes.

  • Riverton Police Department lobby – Dropbox accessible
  • Dubois Sheriff’s Office –  Dropbox accessible
  • Shoshoni Town Hall & Police Department – call ahead & they’ll take the items for them – (307) 876-2515
  • Wind River Cares (Arapaho) – leave medications at the pharmacy pick-up line between 9 am & 4 pm

Call Public Health at (307) 856-6979 or Fremont County Prevention at 307-851-1667 for more information on disposing of unused medication.

Gain control over your medicine cabinet!

For a more complete, in-depth list of medication safety, click here.

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