Spotlight on Fremont Therapy’s co-owner Mitch Johnson, Physical Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist

    In honor of Fremont Therapy Group’s 25th anniversary, we recognize partner and co-owner Mitch Johnson, PT, MPT, CHT. Mitch has been with Fremont Therapy Group since 2007. Mitch moved from California to Wyoming with his wife, Jillyn (Johnstone), a Lander native. Together, they are raising their three daughters with the joy of having extended family close by.  

    Mitch has been with Fremont Therapy Group since 2007 and has worked in both the Lander and Riverton clinics. Mitch’s earned leadership in 2014 as clinic director of Fremont Therapy’s flagship location in Riverton. In 2017, Mitch joined the ownership group where he has and continues to make many contributions.

    Mitch earned national recognition as a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) allowing him to specialize in the treatment of the upper extremity. As the only CHT in Fremont County that is also a physical therapist, Mitch’s skills allow him to expand the scope of his upper extremity expertise into functions and dysfunctions related to the neck. Through continual education and training, Mitch remains the most skilled in preventive care, current surgical techniques, post-surgery therapy programs, and fabrication of custom splints.


    Mitch has been instrumental in expanding the range of services and treatments Fremont Therapy is able to provide. In the Riverton facility specifically, his team of twelve have advanced training and/or certifications in pain management, the treatment of lymphedema, pelvic health, dry needling, and more. Mitch and his team are also specially trained in industrial medicine techniques, allowing them to perform pre-employment and healthy worker screens as well as workplace safety evaluations and return to work programs, all of which save employer resources and reduce employee injuries.

    We have the highest respect for Mitch for his commitment to invest in himself and Fremont Therapy Group, and for the dedication, he has to his team and his community. Together with his team, we see Mitch as one of the key owners who will lead Fremont Therapy into the next decade and beyond. We are proud to have Mitch as a partner and acknowledge his many accomplishments.


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