Sponsored: This is a call to action… to all Wyoming residents!!

    This is a call to action…to all Wyoming residents!! The time has come. It’s critical that we have a voice and we are able to express our rights! If this is important to you, then you need a Governor who’s going to fight for you and with you, Dr. Taylor Haynes!

    Overnight it has become apparent that democrats are pushing party switching for next week’s election. Encouraging support of the most likeminded, left-leaning, republican candidate Mark Gordon, to sway the election in favor of a Democratic nominee.

    If taxes, gun control, immigration, healthcare, abortion, and environmental policies are important to you; if you want a sovereign state that has a constitutional relationship with the federal government, then Wyoming residents we need to fight. Taylor Haynes is the clear choice for the upcoming election on Tuesday, vote Taylor Haynes for Governor!

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