Special edition County 10 Podcast: Outdoor legend Jim Shockey visits Lander, reveals details on new book and talks about conservation in Wyoming

    (Lander, WY)– This is a special edition of the County 10 Podcast featuring myself, Charene Herrera, RadCast Outdoors Podcast hosts David Merrill and Patrick Edwards, Blake Fegler and Rowdy Anderson with Muley Fanatic Foundation. Plus our special guest who is first and foremost a father, and husband but also a world famous outdoor legend who has traveled the world hunting and learning other cultures. He has become an icon that has spanned multiple continents and he came to Wyoming for a very special visit, Jim Shockey!

    Blake Fegler, Rowdy Anderon, Jim Shockey, Patrick Edwards, Charene Herrera, David Merrill

    I believe if you have celebrity status you should use your voice for bettering the world and that is what Jim is doing. As we try to unite and understand, learn and grow, Jim has spent many decades traveling the world and really seeing different cultures, tribes, lands, lives, thoughts and ways of life. He is a great role model and leader in this field. He consistently brings back the message of us all being the same and on the same team. Check out this fun, laid back, informative and Wyoming style podcast with the legendary Jim Shockey.

    One of my favorite lines in this podcast is from Jim “hunting is only a tiny tiny bit about killing something, it’s everything else and family is such a big part of that. Humor, adventure, culture. That’s what makes up hunting.. the elements.” He has such a calm charisma about him. As we approach 45 minutes into the podcast… I just had to get something off my chest. This man who is so iconic and cool, I wanted to know why he doesn’t fly fish? Jim tells me exactly what he thinks of fly fishing and how he prefers to fish. I hope to see Jim with a fly rod in hand one day!


    I also highly encourage you if you are ever in British Columbia to go to his “Hands of Man Museum” which I will include a map link at the end of this story. A free, self guided tour with video descriptions around a 17,000 square foot museum. Some call him “the worlds most interesting man” and you get to see why in this museum.

    ‘Call Me Hunter’ is the title of Jim’s novel which is out in October of this year but you can preorder now. Even though it is classified as a fiction book you can chalk it up to basically being an autobiography about Jim’s life. 80 percent fact and the other 20 percent “had to be left out or he may get in trouble”, he said while laughing.

    The Muley Fanatic Foundation is the reason Jim Shockey was in Lander to help promote the conservation of mule deer in Wyoming. They had their big banquet which boasted a lot of fun moments, and opportunities. One of the best moments of the night was when we were blessed with a video presentation on the ” Putting the U in Hunt” program and graced with a beneficiary of the program in attendance for the banquet. The MFF uses their Wyoming complimentary Commissioner Licenses to take youth with life-threatening illnesses hunting. Adlyn Even is one of this year’s hunters for the “Putting the U in Hunt” program. You may remember her when she had the opportunity to be a Junior Reporter for the Denver Broncos.

    Adlyn Even with Joshua Corsey
    Adlyn Even with Joshua Corsey

    Thanks to RadCast Outdoors Podcast, The Muley fanatic Foundation, 97.5 The Brand and the Legendary Jim Shockey.


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