South Pass City makes a top 25 list of “Ghost Towns That Everyone Forgot About”

    This is a distinction that folks at South Pass City State Historic Site would probably not want to promote, but a national travel website, The Travel,  has named Wyoming’s famous City of Gold one of 25 Ghost Towns that have been forgotten about.

    Hardly. South Pass City annually hosts many thousands of visitors each year, and this past year had over 4,000 visitors during Gold Rush Days alone for the most people ever at that location at one time. On January first, the site will also host its popular and annual First Day Hike along a historic mining and nature trail.


    The historic gold rush town along Highway 28 between Lander and Farson features a restored Gold Processing Mill, the Carissa, restored buildings from the original city including over 70,000 artifacts original to the town and several nature and historic mining trails. The cabin of Esther Hobart Morris, the first female Justice of the Peace in the United States, is located here and just outside of town on Highway 28 is the “Wyoming Women’s Suffrage Pathway.” A segment of the Highway has been so designated as Wyoming celebrates giving women the right to vote 150 years ago in 2019, the first government to do so.

    Forgotten About? Not on your life. In fact a newly discovered feature at the historic gold mining town will be open in 2019 for visitors.

    What is it? Here’s a big clue: “Follow in the footsteps of a miner from 1868 and explore the English Tunnel. The English  Tunnel is an adit cut into the living rock in 1868 and abandoned for over 150 years.  South Pass City State Historic Site has restored the tunnel and will be giving tours in the Summer of 2019.  Keep your eye on this spot…” — Text and photos h/t South Pass City State Historic Site

    South Pass City came into being in the year 1867. Unlike hundreds of other Western boom towns, South Pass City endures to the present day.




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