Snow squall warning issued for Fremont County

    UPDATE: As of 3:00 PM, the Snow Squall Warning has been extended to 3:45.

    (Fremont County, WY) – The National Weather Service in Riverton has issued a snow squall warning for south central Fremont County, as of 2:21 on February 28. The warning is in effect until at least 2:45 PM.

    According to the alert, at 2:17 PM, a dangerous snow squall was located near Red Canyon, or 15 miles south of Lander, moving north at 10 mph.


    Expect intense bursts of heavy snow, gusty winds leading to blowing snow, and visibility rapidly falling to less than one-quarter mile.

    Wind gusts up to 35 mph. Travel will become difficult and potentially dangerous within minutes. Highway 28 over South Pass will see dangerous conditions due to the squall. 

    Locations impacted include… Red Canyon, Fiddlers Lake, Christina Lake, Louis Lake, Frye Lake, Upper Silas Lake, Sinks Canyon State Park, Atlantic City and Sinks Canyon Campground.

    Reduce speed and turn on headlights! During snow squalls, the visibility may suddenly drop to near zero in whiteout conditions.


    There is no safe place on a highway when a snow squall hits. Visibility and traction are immediately lost in whiteout conditions, making it difficult or impossible to slow down and avoid stopped vehicles.

    Delay travel or safely exit the highway before the snow squall arrives.


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