Snow expected tomorrow as a weather system moves in; dense fog likely to return tonight as well

(Fremont County, WY) – While exact locations and impacts are not known for certain right now, the National Weather Service in Riverton is advising that a weather system is expected to move in Sunday, with accompanying snow very likely.

h/t NWSR

The NWSR also warns that dense, patchy fog is expected to make a return tonight as well, possibly causing more of the “rime ice” pictured and described below.

“What’s the difference between hoar frost and rime ice? To build upon our previous post: Hoar frost occurs when WATER VAPOR directly crystalizes on surfaces (process of deposition = vapor –> solid state). Rime ice is technically supercooled LIQUID drops (which compose the freezing fog) freezing on contact with a sub-freezing surface.”


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