#Snapped: Smoke-filled skies

Wind River Country is wild and beautiful – and we get to call it home! Wind River Visitor’s Council is proud to bring you #Snapped photos on County 10. Submit a snap taken in Fremont County by using this form.

Stan Harter captured these two moments last week and shared the following about them.

“As I topped Beaver Rim this morning on my way toward Jeffrey City, the sun looked like a bright red-orange ball of molten lava as it hoisted itself above the horizon into the smoke filled skies of Wyoming. But I wasn’t able to get a great shot of it then. However, once I got to the Happy Springs Road east of Ice Slough, the sun and horizon meshed into the brilliant contrast of this scene shot above the Sweetwater Rocks. Later, around noon, I observed a couple of monarch butterflies on Crooks Mountain on their southerly journey. Not sure if monarchs from here migrate to the same place in Mexico as they do from the eastern part of the U.S., but I’m sure they must find a similar winter venue for their survival.”

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