#Smiles: Wolverine football’s Kyle Yellowbear receives John Hursh Award

Riverton's Kyle Yellowbear presented with the John Hursh Award by Cody Beers.

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Riverton High School offensive lineman Kyle Yellowbear was presented last Friday night with the John Hursh Award.


The Hursh award goes to an outstanding senior of the RHS football program, that has played football at every level in Riverton, beginning with the Riverton Junior Football League, continuing through middle school, and every year of high school.

Kyle was described by folks that cover RHS football as a “force” on the offensive line, even calling him, “the immovable object,” pointing out his toughness. His teammates and friends simply know him as “a great guy,” one teammate saying, “he’s the best guy I know.”

Riverton Junior Football League President Brett Watson echoed those statements, “he is not only the biggest recipient of the award but possesses one of the biggest hearts. All of his coaches, from the 49ers to the Wolverines, had tremendous praise for Kyle’s hard work and dedication to football and the team.”

The John Hursh Award has been handed out for 22 years to an RHS senior.

Watson described the award by saying, “not only has this player continued on with football, but in doing so set an example for all future Jr players to follow. Many times this has been a player that has set an example with very little limelight; a player that has worked hard in the classroom and has been a model student and community member; and, in some cases, a player that has overcome obstacles, but remained a dedicated teammate.”

Past winners of the award include:  Brandon Giddings lineman; Keith Gantenbein QB; Ryan McGuffey WR; Andy Ogg lineman; Jared Beck LB; Toby Steen lineman; Tyler Lampert lineman; Ross Anderson TE; Mark Medows lineman; Eric Fabrizious LB; Kyle Blumenshine RB; Cedric and Dillon Bennett twin linemen; Cody Blumenshine QB; Jarrett Watson QB/DB; Drew Leach LB; Dawson Steeds lineman; Logan Hartbank WR; Brandon Fullerton QB; Baylor Beers lineman, Wayne Steeds lineman, Brokk Nyberg lineman, Kyle Yellowbear lineman.