#Smiles: Week 4 winners of the ‘Creative Quarantine Competition’

A series to share #smiles across our community through the achievements of our local youth, brought to you by Rendezvous Dental.

The challenge for this final week of the Creative Quarantine Challenge was to create “a comic strip or short story depicting this time in history.”

Below are the winners in each age bracket along with their submission provided by Academy of the Winds.

Lower Elementary Winner: Carsen

h/t Carsen via Academy of the Winds

Upper Elementary: Brooks

h/t Brooks via Academy of the Winds

Middle School: Gabriel

h/t Gabriel via Academy of the Winds

High School: Jamison 

h/t Jamison via Academy of the Winds

I want to say thank you to all of our participants. These last 4 weeks have shown us how amazing our youth are! We have some talented children in our community. Also, thank you, to all of the parents who are supporting their kids at home. You all are doing an amazing job! A huge thank you to Bonneville Builders for their contribution of the gift cards. They have given out over $800 to our local businesses. Also, thank you to Brett and Heather Foss from BF Enterprises for their donation to our adult competition. Lastly, thank you Lander for participating in our competition and bringing a smile to the community!

-Jenny Schucker, Academy of the Winds Executive Director/Head Teacher

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