#Smiles: Lander swimmers sweep conference meet, set 4 records

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The below information and photos were shared by LVHS Swimming. 

The LVHS Tigers were a perfect 12-for-12 at the 3A West Conference Championship in Powell on Saturday, winning each of the twelve finals on their way to a dominant team victory.

“This weekend the boys swam and dove above and beyond our expectations,” said head coach Shawna Morgan of the conference performance. 

“Our goal for the meet was to get kids set up in the top 12 in Friday’s prelims so they could swim the next day in finals,” Morgan explained. “We definitely accomplished that, having multiple events with five LVHS athletes placing in the top 12.”

Lander started finals with a bang. Sophomores Jonny Kulow and Nolan McFadden teamed with seniors Nick Kulow and Preston Plaisted to break a conference record in the 200 yard medley relay, the first event of the day. Nick Kulow — voted 3A West Conference Athlete of the Year by coaches — followed up the relay with a victory and new conference mark in the 200 yard free, while frosh Brayden Brown and junior Colton Wietzki grabbed third and fourth.

h/t LVHS Swimming – Record-setting 200 yard medley relay team of Jonny Kulow, Nick Kulow, Nolan McFadden and Preston Plaisted.

Freshman Dylan Huelskamp kept the LVHS streak alive by charging from behind in the last 25 yards to capture the 200 IM title. Senior Ryan Brinda (3rd), junior Benaiah Dolence (4th) and sophomore Ramsey Eckhardt (6th) helped LVHS take four of six places in the A final.

h/t LVHS Swimming – Freshman Dylan Huelskamp competes in the 200 IM.

Jonny Kulow took the 50 free in a conference record time of 21.63 seconds. McFadden (2nd), senior T Whiting (5th) and freshman Noah Larson (12th) rounded out the Tiger scoring in the event.

h/t LVHS Swimming – Sophomore Jonny Kulow pulls to a conference-record time in the 100 breaststroke.

Plaisted was repeat champion in one meter diving, while Larson dove to a third-place finish. Nick Kulow then stroked to victory in the 100 butterfly, with Huelskamp and freshman Caleb Else taking third and eighth.

h/t LVHS Swimming – LVHS senior Preston Plaisted defends his 3A West Conference diving title.

Brinda led a 1-2-3 senior sweep in the 100 freestyle, followed by Whiting and Plaisted. Brown took the 500 free, with Wietzki (4th) and sophs Ross Anderson (6th) and Elijah Applegate (10th) rounding out the top 10.

The 200 freestyle relay was up next. Brinda, Whiting, McFadden and Jonny Kulow powered to a time of 1:31.52 to extend the run. McFadden followed right up with an individual title in the 100 backstroke, leading a quartet of Tigers in the finals including freshman Erik Harms (5th), Benaiah Dolence (6th) and Eckhardt (9th). Frosh Hezekiah Dolence didn’t qualify for Saturday’s swim, but his PR of 1:09.33 in the prelims on Friday paid dividends, according to Morgan.

h/t LVHS Swimming – Coach Tim Hester and Jonny Kulow discuss race action.

“We hoped to get another athlete qualified for state, and we did with Hezekiah qualifying in the 100 backstroke,” she said. Lander has now qualified 22 of 25 athletes for the state championship.

Jonny Kulow finished off the individual swims with a resounding victory in the 100 breaststroke, pulling his way to another conference record. The younger Kulow was named West Conference Athlete of the Meet for his efforts.

The Tigers then closed out the day just as they had started it: by winning a relay. The 400 yard freestyle contingent of Nick Kulow, Huelskamp, Whiting and Brinda climbed atop the podium one last time to cap a big day for LVHS.

h/t LVHS Swimming – Seniors Preston Plaisted, Ryan Brinda and T Whiting prepare for the final of the 100 meter freestyle.

Lander’s dominant showing was a bit unexpected at the conference meet. “The boys swam personal best times, dove personal best scores and broke four conference records,” shared Morgan. “These types of performances don’t come easy, nor are they part of our expectations.

“We have had a difficult couple of weeks of practices that have left the boys sore and very tired,” she said, noting that training is designed with an eye towards the state meet, not conference. However, Morgan and assistant coaches Tim Hester and Faith Hamilton know that the camaraderie, dedication and work ethic of their athletes — decades-long characteristics of LVHS swimmers — make any result possible.

h/t LVHS Swimming – LVHS divers Logan Wietzki, Noah Larson, Preston Plaisted and Carsten Wurth with coach Faith Hamilton. Plaisted was conference champion with Larson third.

“Eventually the Lander swimming and diving team will lose its streak,” Morgan said of the program’s unprecedented 23 consecutive state titles, “but when the time comes it won’t be because we were outworked.

h/t LVHS Swimming – Junior Colton Weitzki competes in the 200 yard freestyle.

“Until then, we will continue to be the best we can be in and out of the pool. Thanks to the other teams who bring their best to every meet. They are what make us better.”

h/t LVHS Swimming – Freshman Caleb Else competing in the butterfly.

Lander will host a last-chance qualifier at the Bruce Gresly Aquatic Center on Thursday at 4:00.

h/t LVHS Swimming – Sophomore Ramsey Eckhardt off the turn in the 200 IM.

3A West Conference Championship – Feb. 7-8, 2020 / Powell, WY

TEAM SCORES: 1. Lander 428, Powell 255, Riverton 182, Kemmerer 161, Sublette County 120, Lyman 117

Conference Athlete of the Year: Nick Kulow

Conference Athlete of the Meet: Jonny Kulow

Conference Head Coach of the Year: Shawna Morgan

200 Yard Medley Relay (FINAL): 1. Lander A [Jonny Kulow(SO), Nolan McFadden(SO), Nick Kulow(SR), Preston Plaisted(SR)] 1:41.86 (CONFERENCE RECORD)

200 Yard Medley Relay (PRELIM): 1. Lander [Jonny Kulow(SO), Nolan McFadden(SO), Nick Kulow(SR), Preston Plaisted(SR)] 1:45.15; 5. Lander B [Erick Harms(FR), Ross Anderson(SO), Brayden Brown(FR), Colton Wietzki(JR)] 1:58.73; 8. Lander C [Benaiah Dolence(JR), Mason Kinney(SR), Caleb Else(FR), Justin Whelan(FR)] 2:03.41; 9. Lander D (Hezekiah Dolence(FR), Scott Logan(FR), Ramsey Eckhardt(SO), Noah Larson(FR)] 2:04.07

200 Yard Free (FINAL): 1. Nick Kulow(SR) 1:48.57 (CONFERENCE RECORD); 3. Brayden Brown(FR) 1:55.43; 4. Colton Wietzki(JR) 2:00.22 

200 Yard Free (PRELIM): 1. Nick Kulow(SR) 1:51.29; 3. Brayden Brown(FR) 1:57.37; 5. Colton Wietzki(JR) 2:03.63; 14. Elijah Applegate(SO) 2:14.86; 20. Sonny Robinson(SO) 2:18.52

200 Yard IM (FINAL): 1. Dylan Huelskamp(FR) 2:06.00; 3. Ryan Brinda(SR) 2:07.86; 4. Benaiah Dolence(JR) 2:22.02; 6. Ramsey Eckhardt(SO) 2:26.54

200 Yard IM (PRELIM): 1. Ryan Brinda(SR) 2:09.67; 2. Dylan Huelskamp(FR) 2:15.52; 4. Benaiah Dolence(JR) 2:23.38; 5. Ramsey Eckhardt(SO) 2:25.38; 7. Scott Logan(FR) 2:28.78; 13. Hezekiah Dolence(FR) 2:44.26

50 Yard Free (FINAL): 1. Jonny Kulow(SO) 21.63 (CONFERENCE RECORD); 2. Nolan McFadden(SO) 23.43; 5. T Whiting(SR) 23.81; 12. Noah Larson(FR) 24.93

50 Yard Free (PRELIM): 1. Jonny Kulow(SO) 22.01; 3. Nolan McFadden(SO) 23.70; 5. T Whiting(SR) 24.03; 12. Noah Larson(FR); 13. Justin Whelan(FR) 25.80; 15. Erick Harms(FR) 26.22

1 Meter Diving (FINAL): 1. Preston Plaisted(SR) 404.85; 3. Noah Larson(FR) 355.65

1 Meter Diving (PRELIM): 1. Preston Plaisted(SR) 286.90; 3. Noah Larson(FR) 264.40; 13. Logan Wietzki(FR) 154.75; 15. Carsten Wurth(SO) 147.95

100 Yard Butterfly (FINAL): 1. Nick Kulow(SR) 55.72; 3. Dylan Huelskamp(FR) 58.29; 7. Caleb Else(FR) 1:04.39

100 Yard Butterfly (PRELIM): 1. Nick Kulow(SR) 58.48; 2. Dylan Huelskamp(FR) 1:00.13; 7. Caleb Else(FR) 1:06.53; 13. Mason Kinney(SR) 1:17.34

100 Yard Free (FINAL): 1. Ryan Brinda(SR) 50.82; 2. T Whiting(SR) 51.61; 3. Preston Plaisted(SR) 52.11

100 Yard Free (PRELIM): 1. Ryan Brinda(SR) 51.42; 2. T Whiting(SR) 52.33; 3. Preston Plaisted(SR) 52.91; 17. Justin Whelan(FR) 1:01.39; 20. Sonny Robinson(SO) 1:03.21

500 Yard Free (FINAL): 1. Brayden Brown(FR) 5:10.07; 4. Colton Wietzki(JR) 5:29.22; 6. Ross Anderson(SO) 5:42.73; 10. Elijah Applegate(SO) 6:03.66

500 Yard Free (PRELIM): 1. Brayden Brown(FR) 5:16.85; 5. Colton Wietzki(JR) 5:39.17; 6. Ross Anderson(SO) 5:47.94; 12. Elijah Applegate(SO) 6:08.91

200 Yard Free Relay (FINAL): 1. Lander A [Ryan Brinda(SR), T Whiting(SR), Nolan McFadden(SO), Jonny Kulow(SO)] 1:31.52

200 Yard Free Relay (PRELIM): 1. Lander A [Ryan Brinda(SR), T Whiting(SR), Nolan McFadden(SO), Jonny Kulow(SO)] 1:34.44; 5. Lander B [Justin Whelan(FR), Ramsey Eckhardt(SO), Scott Logan(FR), Ross Anderson(SO)] 1:47.54; 9. Lander C [Sonny Robinson(SO), Mason Kinney(SR), Noah Larson(FR), Elijah Applegate(SO)] 1:53.64

100 Yard Back (FINAL): 1. Nolan McFadden(SO) 57.87; 5. Erick Harms(FR) 1:05.14; 6. Benaiah Dolence(JR) 1:05.63; 9. Ramsey Eckhardt(SO) 1:06.87

100 Yard Back (PRELIM): 1. Nolan McFadden(SO) 58.72; 4. Erick Harms(FR) 1:04.51; 5. Benaiah Dolence(JR) 1:05.48; 8. Ramsey Eckhardt(SO) 1:08.77; 9. Hezekiah Dolence(FR) 1:09.33

100 Yard Breast (FINAL): 1. Jonny Kulow(SO) 1:01.12 (CONFERENCE RECORD); 9. Ross Anderson(SO) 1:11.13; 10. Scott Logan(FR) 1:11.58

100 Yard Breast (PRELIM): 1. Jonny Kulow(SO) 1:04.50; 9. Ross Anderson(SO) 1:12.22; 12. Scott Logan(FR) 1:15.56; 15. Mason Kinney(SR) 1:18.47; 16. Caleb Else(FR) 1:23.86; 23. Logan Wietzki(FR) 1:41.85

400 Yard Free Relay (FINAL): 1. Lander A [Nick Kulow(SR), Dylan Huelskamp(FR), T Whiting(SR), Ryan Brinda(SR)] 3:25.15

400 Yard Free Relay (PRELIM): 1. Lander A [Nick Kulow(SR), Dylan Huelskamp(FR), T Whiting(SR), Ryan Brinda(SR)] 3:32.47; 3. Lander B [Brayden Brown(FR), Colton Wietzki(JR), Benaiah Dolence(JR), Erick Harms(FR)] 3:47.97; 10. Lander C [Elijah Applegate(SO), Sonny Robinson(SO), Hezekiah Dolence(FR), Caleb Else(FR)] 4:24.50

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