#smiles: Lander students launch new literature and art magazine, The Batch

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    In 2017, the Homer A. and Mildred S. Scott Foundation partnered with Sheridan schools to fund the first edition of The Batch, an annual journal that featured local teens’ art, photography, and writing. Spearheading the project was Chase McFadden, who today is a teacher in the Lander school system.

    McFadden is bringing the same concept to Lander and working with Promoting Arts in Lander Schools (PALS) to make it a reality.


    “The Batch” will be a literature and art magazine which will feature student-created artwork and writing. Aside from the creative aspects of the project, the students are learning about layout, editing, and production.

    Chase McFadden, an advisor to the group said that, “As of now 17 donors have generously contributed over $650 toward our goal of $1,300 for the printing of the journal.” A fundraising campaign to help the project will end at midnight on Friday, May 31st.

    The primary goal of this publication is to recognize and encourage the talented young creatives in our community. So often the exceptional photography, art and writing of young people is viewed by a limited audience — family, friends, teachers. Our aim is to share these amazing works with a broader audience. This is one reason that copies of the publication are provided free to the public. We believe more eyes will gain access to the works if the publication is free. However, this also means that no sales of the publication will offset printing costs. – Advisor, Chase McFadden

    The publication will be released annually, but McFadden said, “We’d love to grow the opportunity to where the journal is published a couple of times a year based on submission volume and interest.”


    McFadden and Rebecca Eggli from PALS (Promoting Arts in Lande Schools) to discuss a partnership with “The Batch.” PALS made a financial contribution to assist with the printing. “The partnership has been invaluable,” McFadden said.

    You can follow “The Batch” on Instagram @thebatchwy and via Twitter @batchwyoming

    The students have planned to print 1,000 copies of the “The Batch” and they need to raise about $2000 to make it happen. They’re currently reaching out to various partners and are asking for the community’s help through a Kickstarter Campaign online. Click here to donate and support the arts and literature in our community!


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