#Smiles: Lander and Riverton swimmers begin 2020 at January Surprise Quad

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    A series to share #smiles across our community through the achievements of our local youth, brought to you by Rendezvous Dental.

    Featured Photo: Lander coach Tim Hester demonstrates proper technique.


    h/t LVHS Swimming for sharing the below information and photos

    The Lander and Riverton swimming teams were scheduled to dive into the new year at the Laramie Winter Invite on January 3-4. Wyoming weather had other plans.

    Ice, snow and brutal winds in the southeast corner of the Cowboy State prevented the squads from traveling to Albany County. Instead, the Lander swim community called a quick audible and put together a Saturday meet at the Bruce Gresly Aquatic Center.

    Aptly dubbed the January Surprise Quad, the impromptu competition allowed Green River, Rawlins, Riverton and the host Tigers a welcome opportunity to dive and race for the first time in 2020.


    LVHS works technique over break; one new state qualifier at Quad

    “I was glad that we were able to host a meet since we couldn’t make it to Laramie,” said Lander head coach Shawna Smith. “I really wanted to watch the boys swim against Laramie and Cheyenne Central but given the road conditions, I’m glad we didn’t go.”

    The bonus home swim allowed the Tigers to add another athlete to their state meet roster. “The best part of the meet was we got a new state qualifier in Mason Kinney,” she said of the Tiger senior. “We also had many new events qualified by our athletes.”


    Morgan explained that attention to detail during holiday practices was evident in Saturday’s races. “We worked a lot on technique over the break, and some of the kids are really concentrating on those corrections. It’s making a difference.

    “Big thank you to everyone in Lander for putting a meet together so quickly and for the three teams that traveled here so we had some strong competition!” she added.

    Riverton team growing; strong start to season


    “Our numbers have doubled from last year,” Riverton head coach Jay Dayton said of this year’s Wolverines. “Our roster is at 21 swimmers and divers, and everyone came into season having done some sort of offseason work. Be it either a fall sport, or having been in the water for club practice and meets, or just in the weight room. So I am very impressed with the turn around as compared to last year at this time.”

    A greater percentage of athletes entering the season more prepared has resulted in a greater percentage of athletes already qualified for the state meet. “The end of December we had seven qualified in multiple events,” explained Dayton, “and we have many on the bubble that we expect to qualify in January.”  

    The Wolverines had strong showings during their pre-holiday schedule. “Our opening meet in Rock Springs we came out on top, and that was a great booster for our team,” Dayton said. “Friday before break we dualed Cody and downed them, and that Saturday at the Riverton Invitational we were third behind a much-improved Worland team. Point margins were narrow. We were only five behind Powell and 20 behind Worland. And we were missing one of our top point getters due to illness.”

    Dayton is relieved to be back in a normal practice routine, but was pleased with his athletes’ efforts coming out of the break. “From a coach’s standpoint, I am glad we are through the Christmas break. It is very hard to stay in routine and focused when the holidays land in the middle of the week. 

    “But we survived and had some outstanding swims at the Lander January Surprise Quad,” said Dayton. “We had multiple time drops in the meet, and we scored some victories in the 100 fly, 200 free relay and the 100 breast. These were all great shots in the arm before heading into this long stretch that leads into conference.”

    Over the next six weeks, the Wolverines “are looking at lots of yards and grueling sets as we load the taper for the state meet. January is very important from that aspect. Hopefully we can keep the flu bug away,” Dayton said.

    Both LVHS and RHS will compete Saturday January 11 at the Gene Dozah Invitational in Powell.

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    Lander January Surprise Quad – Jan. 4, 2020

    TEAM SCORES: 1. Lander 401, 2. Green River 305, 3. Riverton 218, 4. Rawlins 184

    200 Yard Medley Relay: 1. Lander A (Nolan McFadden, Jonny Kulow, Ryan Brinda, Nick Kulow) 1:43.05, 3. Lander B (Preston Plaisted, Ross Anderson, T Whiting, Dylan Huelskamp) 1:54.93, 4. Riverton A (Ashton Settlemire, Braden Vincent, Zachary Osborne, Trystan Gorley) 1:54.98, 6. Lander C (Warren Losch, Scott Logan, Caleb Else, Justin Whelan) 2:08.06, 8. Riverton B (JaJuan Bushyhead, Riley Goff, Chase Spearman, Jesse Jaite) 2:19.01, 9. Lander D (Noah Gist, Logan Wietzki, Mason Kinney, Sonny Robinson) 2:27.93

    200 Yard Free: 1. Jonny Kulow LVHS 1:48.01, 2. Ryan Brinda LVHS 1:57.14, 5. Ashton Settlemire RHS 2:00.45, 9. Ross Anderson LVHS 2:15.68, 10. Trevor Stevens RHS 2:16.37, 12. Elijah Applegate LVHS 2:18.96, 13. Noah Larson LVHS 2:25.49, 14. Sonny Robinson LVHS 2:31.47, 16. Raine Morehead RHS 2:47.48, 17. Gavin Appleby RHS 2:51.47 

    200 Yard IM: 1. Nolan McFadden LVHS 2:13.66, 4. Zachary Osborne RHS 3:31.60, 7. Ramsey Eckhardt LVHS 2:34.55, 8. Caleb Else LVHS 2:41.11

    50 Yard Free: 1. Nick Kulow LVHS 22.68, 3. Trystan Gorley RHS 24.00, 4. T Whiting LVHS 24.63, 6. Brayden Brown LVHS 25.04, 7. Braden Vincent RHS 25.10, 8. Colton Wietzki LVHS 25.48, 11. Jackson Hill RHS 25.89, 13. Scott Logan LVHS 27.05, 15. JaJuan Bushyhead RHS 27.74, 21. Mason Kinney LVHS 29.96, 22. Hezekiah Dolence LVHS 30.01, 23. Jessie Jaite RHS 30.13, 25. Ashton Shoopman RHS 33.58, 27. Evan Gadway RHS 38.81

    1 Meter Diving: 1. Noah Larson LVHS 208.90, 2. Preston Plaisted LVHS 200.40, 5. Trystan Gorley RHS 149.60, 7. Soren Bang RHS 127.90, 8. Logan Wietzki LVHS 108.40

    100 Yard Butterfly: 1. Ashton Settlemire RHS 1:02.10, 3. Benaiah Dolence LVHS 1:10.96, 4. Zachary Osborne RHS 1:11.00, 5. Chase Spearman RHS 1:32.50, 6. Warren Losch LVHS 1:32.51

    100 Yard Free: 1. Dylan Huelskamp LVHS 53.91, 3. Brayden Brown LVHS 54.61, 6. Jackson Hill RHS 59.21, 7. Ross Anderson LVHS 1:00.91, 8. Ramsey Eckhardt LVHS 1:01.62, 11. Justin Whelan LVHS 1:02.98, 12. Riley Goff RHS 1:03.13, 16. Sonny Robinson LVHS 1:07.19, 17. Soren Bang RHS 1:10.22, 19. Gavin Appleby RHS 1:14.34, 20. Raine Morehead RHS 1:14.81

    500 Yard Free: 1. Jonny Kulow LVHS 5:07.73, 2. Nolan McFadden LVHS 5:33.19, 3. T Whiting LVHS 5:50.31, 6. Preston Plaisted LVHS 6:02.65, 8. Trevon Stevens RHS 6:12.19, 9. Benaiah Dolence LVHS 6:18.25, 10. Hezekiah Dolence LVHS 7:03.49, 11. Caleb Else LVHS 7:10.79, 12. Ashton Shoopman RHS 7:23.74

    200 Yard Free Relay: 1. Riverton A (Ashton Settlemire, Braden Vincent, Jackson Hill, Trystan Gorley) 1:40.21, 2. Lander A (T Whiting, Preston Plaisted, Dylan Huelskamp, Brayden Brown) 1:41.56, 5. Lander B (Benaiah Dolence, Colton Wietzki, Ross Anderson, Noah Larson) 1:46.96, 7. Lander C (Ramsey Eckhardt, Caleb Else, Justin Whelan, Sonny Robinson) 1:54.37, 9. Lander D (Elijah Applegate, Mason Kinney, Warren Losch, Hezekiah Dolence) 2:00.17, 10. Riverton B (Soren Bang, Trevon Stevens, Kaden Butler, Raine Morehead) 2:01.11

    100 Yard Back: 2. Ryan Brinda LVHS 59.84, 3. Dylan Huelskamp LVHS 1:03.77, 6. Scott Logan LVHS 1:09.74, 9. Elijah Applegate LVHS 1:14.98, 10. JaJuan Bushyhead RHS 1:18.01, 12. Warren Losch LVHS 1:20.95, 15. Noah Gist LVHS 1:24.17, 16. Chase Spearman RHS 1:25.12

    100 Yard Breast: 1. Braden Vincent RHS 1:07.55, 2. Nick Kulow LVHS 1:07.58, 6. Mason Kinney LVHS 1:16.12, 10. Colton Wietzki LVHS 1:21.38, 11. Riley Goff RHS 1:24.22, 13. Kaden Butler RHS 1:34.71, 15. Logan Wietzki LVHS 1:42.93

    400 Yard Free Relay: 1. Lander A (Nick Kulow, Nolan McFadden, Ryan Brinda, Jonny Kulow) 3:24.00, 3. Lander B (Colton Wietzki, Brayden Brown, Benaiah Dolence, Noah Larson) 3:58.83, 5. Riverton A (Jackson Hill, Riley Goff, Zachary Osborne, Trevon Stevens) 4:10.84, 6. Lander C (Ramsey Eckhardt, Hezekiah Dolence, Elijah Applegate, Scott Logan) 4:15.14, 8. Riverton B (Chase Spearman, JaJuan Bushyhead, Ashton Shoopman, Jesse Jaite) 4:46.27, 9. Riverton C (Raine Morehead, Gavin Appleby, Evan Gadway, Kaden Butler) 5:20.33

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