“Why I Choose SageWest”
By Kitty Federer – Dietary Service Cook

When I first joined SageWest Health Care in July of 2016, surprisingly the no. 1 selling point was their commitment to drug testing. I knew I wanted to work for an organization that cared about quality, both in their processes and their people. Little did I know just how special the people at SageWest were until I had worked here for a time.

I have never before worked at a place with such a commitment to employee satisfaction. The culture and leadership work hard to make their employees happy, and in my case it’s working. I love our regular meetings that are meant to help us grow and get better.

I sincerely love my job, boss, coworkers and other staff. How many people can honestly say that? I am proud of how far the people of SageWest have come in the last year.

Kitty received the Employee of the Month Award in July, 2018.

I choose SageWest because…

They try hard to please not only patients but also employees.