Sinks Canyon State Park, Sinks Canyon Natural Resource Council & the Wind River Visitors Council celebrate Global Recycling Day with Bear-Proof Recycling Containers

    Sinks Canyon State Park (SCSP) is excited to announce that bear-proof recycling will be added to Sinks Canyon. This project was made possible with support from Sinks Canyon Natural Resource Council (SCNRC), the Wind River Visitors Council, and a grant from Crush it Crusade.

    SCSP has previously offered recycling opportunities to visitors, but due to nearby bear-trash incidents, SCSP removed the bins last autumn and revisited the system. Staff sought bear-proof recycling bins and were pleased to discover Can’d Aid’s Crush it Crusade recycling grant. Sinks Canyon then partnered with the Wind River Visitors Council, which provided half of the funds for this project.

    Jamie Simonson, SCSP manager and the catalyst for the project, is excited for the opportunities this project will bring to the park. “People in Sinks Canyon are very recycling aware already, but now we’ll have an extra layer of education and opportunity. This will be a great asset for the park for many years to come.”


    Jack States, President of local non-profit SCNRC said, “The Sinks Canyon Resource Council is pleased to be a supporter in the Sinks Canyon State Park ‘Crush it Crusade.’ The grant has an educational component that provides lifestyle tips to reduce waste, recycle more and protect the environment—by keeping the canyon free of waste is to keep it more natural—something that will be a benefit to us all.”

    Wyoming State Parks District Manager Kyle Bernis said, “This is exactly the type of collaboration we love to be a part of. This partnership will be great for the park and the Lander area and be a great way to educate the public about recycling and conservation efforts.”

    Helen Wilson, Executive Director of the Wind River Visitors Council said, “The Wind River Visitors Council is thrilled to be part of this project. We’re looking forward to another busy tourism year in Wind River Country, and these containers will help to protect wildlife in the Canyon while promoting the Wyoming Office of Tourism’s WY Responsibly campaign.”

    h/t Scott Copeland

    The collaborative project will be installed this summer in the Popo Agie and Sawmill campgrounds. Stay tuned to Sinks Canyon’s Facebook page for events corresponding to this project. If any local troops or groups are interested in recycling educational program opportunities, reach out to [email protected], (307) 677-2461.



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