Sinks Canyon State Park “Run Like A Bighorn” winners announced

    25 runners and walkers entered in the 5th annual “Run Like A Bighorn” 10k trail run. The number of runners is up from previous years said park officials. Contestants received a race tank top and a water bottle.

    “I don’t know why I like this race,” said 5-time runner Tom Wilson, “but I keep coming back every year.” The race was well-received from all participants, runners and walkers alike.

    The winning time was captured by Aaron Blondeau, who completed the course in one hour and three minutes. The winning female was Trista Stingley at one hour and seventeen minutes. Aaron Blondeau is from Salida, CO and Trista Stingley is from Riverton, WY.


    Overall Results:

    1. Aaron Blondeau-1:03.05
    2. Chuck Shuster- 1:08.32
    3. Lukas Mathews- 1:14.40
    4. Shad Hamilton-1:15.52
    5. Klaus Zoller-1:16.21
    6. Taryn Whiteplume-1:16.30
    7. Brady Stingley- 1:16.31
    8. Trista Stingley- 1:17.49
    9. Ty Francis-1:18.10
    10. Kyra Simonson-1:24.55
    11. Mark Nelson-1:26.57
    12. Scott Becker-1:27.32
    13. Tom Wilson-1:30.36
    14. Ania Mathews- 1:35.26
    15. Keith Kaufman- 1:43.08
    16. Seamus Hamilton- 1:54.45
    17. Tallulah Hamilton- 2:16.07
    18. Liza Kaufman- 2:20.03
    19. Sophya Bang- 2:20.04
    20. Dusty Patrick- 2:43.08
    21. Rachel McHoes- 2:43.10
    22. Cecilia Hernandez- 2:44.16
    23. Amanda Tinker- 3:43.01
    24. Sam Hartpence- DNF

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