Signs, other items not allowed on state-owned right-of-way fences

(Fremont County, WY) – The Wyoming Department of Transportation today issued a reminder that all items, including signs and lights, cannot be placed in the state right of way or on state right of way fences.

The state “right of way” is the strip of land next to the roadway that is either owned by the government, or held by the government through a permanent easement so the highway can legally pass through an area. This includes the state right of way fence, which in Wyoming is placed a foot inside the private property line to allow the state to perform maintenance on the state-owned fence. State right of ways are the property of the State of Wyoming, and are maintained by WYDOT.

“There is a good reason why signs, lights and other items are not allowed inside state right of ways or on state right of way fences,” said Wyoming Department of Transportation maintenance foreman Shane Pugh of Riverton. “Motorists become distracted by these little signs, lights and illegally-placed reflectors, when in fact, their eyes should be focused on the road.”


Wyoming law and WYDOT policy prohibits placement of signs and other items inside the state right of way or on fences. WYDOT maintenance crews pick up signs, lights and other items and take them to the area maintenance office. Whomever owns the sign or other items has two weeks to claim the items, or they will be taken to the nearest landfill.

This procedure also applies to people who erect private memorials within the state right of way, or decorate an existing roadside memorial sign.

Business people and citizens who believe their items may have been removed by WYDOT crews may contact the nearest WYDOT maintenance office to make arrangements to pick up the items.

“Our concern is for the safety of motorists,” Pugh said.


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