Shoshoni’s mayor seeks re-election

(Shoshoni, WY) – Incumbent Joel Highsmith shared he still has a lot to offer the town of Shoshoni, which is why he is seeking a second term as mayor.

During his current term, he has focused on moving the town forward in terms of economic development, worked on the town’s image, fostered relationships, and built a strong team, among other things.

One of his biggest accomplishments as mayor was getting a medical clinic, he noted.


“I believe having it here has possibly saved lives.”

Another important thing to Highsmith has been changing the image of Shoshoni to outsiders and to the people that live there.

“I believe we are looked upon statewide as a town that’s progressing; trying to help ourselves to become a better community.”

One of the more visible things is the new Town Plaza, which he said receives “a lot of (positive) comments.”


When he initially became mayor, he knew there were water issues and has made solving them a priority. They were recently approved for a Level II Water Study, which will allow the town to examine and come up with a plan for the issues identified in the Level I Water Study.

Another important issue facing Shoshoni, according to Highsmith, is the lack of housing. During his time as mayor, the town has utilized grants to help purchase and tear down the Shoshoni Motel and Lip Rippers, which will be turned into workforce housing.

The town also purchased 113 acres earmarked for development with a $95,000 credit from the admin building purchase. The admin building is the future home of Town Hall, and other departments, so the current Town Hall can be turned back into commercial property again -another goal of Highsmith’s.


They were also able to secure a community readiness grant to extend sewer infrastructure from Maple Street westward toward the Wyoming Mushrooms farm, which includes that 113 acres.

He also noted that under his leadership he has developed a good team of personnel that works well together.

The town has also been able to upgrade equipment like patrol cars, a Parks and Rec truck, a mini-excavator, and a skid steer, among others.


All of this has been done while also increasing the funds in the town’s bank account, he shared.

Another reason he wants to run for a second term is because of all of the projects in the works and his involvement in them.

“I love my town and my motive is to do what’s best for the town of Shoshoni,” he said.

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