Shoshoni’s community-focused town park coming soon

    There is something about having a place in a community, especially smaller towns, for residents to come together. That place can be the backdrop for lasting memories shared fondly for years to come, relived with future generations, and continually create new ones.

    Over the next few months, the vacant lot next to Tinnelli’s House of Wonder at the corner of Main and 2nd in Shoshoni will transform into a town park with a community plaza.

    The current plan includes: a full-sized basketball court (that can be retrofitted as a volleyball court), a multi-purpose gazebo, and a fire pit/grill with a pergola. Future expansion is also a goal for the project.


    The governing body has determined this as a priority, Shoshoni Mayor Joel Highsmith shared about the passing of a resolution at the last Town Council meeting to move forward with the plan. “It’s important for our youth and families.”

    The community-centered space will provide a place for folks to meet, enjoy the evenings, have bbq’s, hold farmer’s markets, and so much more. Travelers could stop, stretch their legs, and maybe spend some extra time in town.

    Future home of the Town Park/Community Plaza

    “We are going to determine our future,” Shoshoni Chief of Police and acting Town Clerk Chris Konija shared about these new developments. “The past is the past. We need to look where Shoshoni can go and what it can become.”

    Mayor Highsmith gave considerable recognition to Shoshoni resident Jordan Whitener who has been working for numerous years to get a basketball court in Shoshoni. As well as, Town Councilmembers Beau Weaver and Jake Stetler who have also put in significant time and effort on the project.


    With the help of Konija’s hard look at the Town’s budget and finances, they were able to allocate $42,000 to the project without taking anything from savings. This means the project is slated to start at the end of this month with a completed basketball court by the end of August.

    Their hope is local craftspeople in the community would want to put their “stamp” on the project and help build it. If that is something you are interested in doing, you can reach out to Town Hall by calling (307) 876-2515.

    This new town park and community plaza is just one of the several exciting things in the works for Shoshoni. Last week, County 10 shared Shoshoni was approved for CARES Act funding to establish a medical facility and to provide updates to their Town Hall so they can reopen to the public. More things are already in the works so stay tuned for updates.


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