Shoshoni students represented Fremont County with two 1st place finishes, two honorable mentions in statewide Young Authors Contest

    (Shoshoni, WY) – The Wyoming State Literacy Association just announced the winners of the statewide Young Authors Contest, and Shoshoni schools represented Fremont County well with two first place finishes and two honorable mentions, according to a post shared on the Shoshoni Schools Facebook page.

    “Congratulations to our 1st place winners: Jase Dickinson – 3rd grade (non-fiction), and Gretta Kassens – 4th grade (non-fiction). We also had two honorable mention finishers: Cassidy Dye – 1st grade, and Alyssa Good – 6th grade,” the announcement post states.

    “Way to write, Wranglers!!! We are so proud of you!”


    Schools throughout Wyoming participated in the Young Authors Contest, which was offered for all grades, K-12. Entries include: poems, non-fiction, fiction, and graphic novels.

    All of the winning authors will be celebrated in September according to the WSLA website, with more details coming in August.

    The full list of winners is below.



    Fiction- Ray Pedri-Rock Springs

    Non-fiction- Holly Meade- Casper

    Poetry- Ellie Marttinen-Rozet


    Graphic Novel- Liv Wilkes- Casper

    1st grade

    Fiction-Riley Camarillo-Burns


    Non-fiction- Griffin Grote-Casper

    Poetry- London Hitch- Jackson

    Graphic Novel- Zoey Halbrook- Gillette

    2nd grade

    Fiction- Artemis Smith- Weston County

    Non-fiction- Rozlyn Hurd- Rock Springs

    Poetry- Maren Dittmar- Jackson

    Graphic Novel- Hattie G.Laing-Cody

    3rd grade

    Fiction- Genevieve Helm- Evanston

    Non-fiction- Jase Dickinson- Shoshoni

    Poetry- Rietta Kissack- Gillette

    Graphic Novel- Everly Cunningham- Afton

    4th grade

    Fiction- Micha Baxter- Powell

    Non-fiction- Gretta Kassens- Shoshoni

    Poetry- Braxton Oedekoven- Casper

    Graphic Novel- Sarah Zender- Jackson

    5th grade

    Fiction- Madalynn Lindley- Cheyenne

    Non-fiction- James Heny-Powell

    Poetry- Jonathan Long- Cheyenne

    Graphic Novel- Angel Galicia- Casper

    6th grade

    Fiction- Karlyn Theobald- Pine Bluffs

    Non-fiction- Gabriella Grace Washut- Weston County

    Poetry- Trenton Robbins- Weston County

    Graphic Novel-Liam Reaves- Casper

    7th grade

    Fiction- Mickaela Knoepfle- Casper

    Non-fiction- Cooper Chaney- Casper

    Poetry- Jim Black- Powell

    Graphic Novel- None

    8th grade

    Fiction- Sarah Hunter- Gillette

    Non-fiction- Kylee Bitton- Evanston

    Poetry- Logan Brown- Casper

    Graphic Novel- None

    9th grade

    Fiction-Natalie Mitchell- Rock Springs

    Non-fiction- Sabrina Ray Fletcher- Rock Springs

    Poetry- Laura Ramos- Rock Springs

    Graphic Novel- None

    10th grade

    Fiction- Anjali Kimberly-Huque- Jackson

    Non-fiction- Madeline Elston- Casper

    Poetry- Gabriella Downey- Casper

    Graphic Novels Estevan Lira- Jackson

    11th grade

    Fiction- Rachael Drucker- Casper

    Non-fiction- Olivia Ellis- Casper

    Poetry- Emma Johnson- Powell

    Graphic Novel- None

    12th grade

    Fiction-Ethan Cearlock- Powell

    Non-fiction- Alaina Kothe- Rock Springs

    Poetry- Elora Umbach- Casper

    Graphic Novel- Alaina Kothe- Rock Springs

    Congratulations to all of the young authors who participated!


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