Shoshoni selling police vehicle to Dubois for $1 to help start new department

    The Town of Shoshoni is selling the Town of Dubois a $1 Crown Victoria to help them start their own police department.

    The vehicle is already “outfitted” with emergency lights, Shoshoni police chief Chris Konija said, and it has an “outdated but functional-for-now radio that will get them by.”

    “This will at least get them started,” he told the Shoshoni Town Council this week. “Selling them that vehicle, helping them out in that way, would be advantageous to them.”


    Dubois Mayor Patricia Neveaux contacted Konija recently asking for “assistance and help on getting a police department started,” he explained.

    “They’re planning to move forward with this,” Shoshoni Mayor Joel Highsmith said. “Chris is giving them some good guidance.”

    The Dubois Town Council approved funding to hire a municipal police chief, with contingencies, during a regular meeting Jan. 23.


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