Shoshoni passes ordinance requiring mayor, council salary changes to occur prior to primary election filings

    The Shoshoni Town Council passed an ordinance last week requiring any salary changes for the mayor and council to be made before the filing date for local elections.

    Councilmember Bob Zent had suggested the schedule modification last month in order to avoid any perceived conflicts of interest among elected officials.

    He initially proposed that salary changes should be made before a general election occurs, but last week Zent said he “changed his mind” about the timing, asking that the deadline for salary adjustments be placed even earlier in the year, “prior to the general filing for primaries,” which usually occurs in May.


    He said the move would “eliminate that (conflict of interest) problem completely.”

    Shoshoni Mayor Joel Highsmith added that the change may work as an “incentive” to “encourage” more candidates to file for local office.

    For more information call the Town of Shoshoni at 876-2515.


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