Shoshoni mushroom farm closes; Details limited so far

The Shoshoni mushroom farm has closed their doors, it appears indefinitely.

County 10 began reaching out to Rocky Mountain Mushrooms, or what became known later as Wyoming Mushrooms, in mid-June after a couple of tips were submitted that the farm was either going out of business or relocating.


Numerous attempts to contact the business and owners directly went unreturned. Two of the numbers in relation to the business had been disconnected.

City of Shoshoni officials did confirm to County 10 that the farm had been closed, however, did not provide any additional details.

A handwritten note left on the building’s front door read, “this facility is no longer in operation.” A barely visible “for sale” sign also appears on the turnoff sign that reads “fresh mushrooms.”

A collection of various trash items, including many pallets, are sitting behind the building along with a Rocky Mountain Mushrooms company truck. One of the side entrances to part of the farm was closed with a locked gate.

The farm began production of mushrooms in 2004 and closed for a short time between 2006-2007 because of labor concerns. The mushroom production began again in late summer 2007. The company’s last note posted on its social media page was made on May 21st and did not indicate a notice of the closure.

County 10 will continue looking into details on the closure and pass along more when it becomes available to us.

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