Shoshoni Motel demolition complete

The old Shoshoni Motel is no longer standing.

The building was torn down last week, according to comments made during a Shoshoni Town Council meeting April 26.

Councilmember Mike Dimick is a subcontractor on the $43,000 project and offered an update, anticipating that work on the property will continue through this week.


“I’ll load that waste out, and it will go to the landfill,” he said.

Seventeen dump truck loads of brick and concrete had already been removed from the site, he said, generating $8,000 in landfill fees.

By the end, he estimated landfill fees would amount to as much as $11,000 for the project.

Dimick noted that part of the building was constructed in a “somewhat surprising” way, using cinderblocks instead of slabs, while the rest incorporated “very thin” slabs.


As a result, he said there was “not near the waste that was anticipated by weight.”

Shoshoni plans to build multifamily, affording housing units on the lot.

For more information call 876-2515 or visit the town website.


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