Shoshoni Motel being replaced with affordable housing

The old Shoshoni Motel is coming down.

Viper Underdground has been hired to demolish the building for $43,000 as part of Shoshoni’s ongoing beautification and housing initiative.

Once the “dilapidated” hotel is gone, the town will build at least four multifamily, affordable housing units on the lot, town clerk Chris Konija said.


He hopes the units will provide homes for families that “maybe can’t afford to buy a $300,000 house.”

For now, those families face limited local housing options – mainly aging trailers that cost about $1,000 per month to rent, Konija said.

He said the new units will offer lower-income families a “self-sustaining” housing option that is “affordable.”

The Shoshoni Town Council will consider a notice to proceed with the demolition project in April.


Three other companies submitted bids for the demolition project:

Wind River Oilfield Services – $54,870.36

Transmission Distribution Service – $95,814


LCI Trucking & Construction – $104,550

Shoshoni budgeted $40,000 for the project but does have the available funds to cover the extra $3,000 for Viper, staff said.


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