Shoshoni downtown demolition has begun after delay from original timeline [Photos]

    Demolition has begun on Shoshoni’s Main Street.

    Vacant buildings on the east side of the street have become a safety risk according to Shoshoni Mayor Scott Peters. He also told County 10, that he hopes the demolition will inspire businesses to rebuild in the area, perhaps enticing new business owners to become interested in Shoshoni.

    The demolition had been scheduled for August 2018 but was delayed because of paperwork and demolition equipment.


    The block of buildings was victim to a large fire in the 1970’s. They include a former appliance store and bar. There has not been an operational business on the east side of Shoshoni’s Main Street for roughly 40 years.

    On Tuesday, crews removed one building, the southernmost, and then began sorting through materials. They are spraying water to keep the dust down, and crews are working to respirators to prevent inhalation of asbestos fibers.

    Several community residents are parked along the railroad tracks watching the building’s demolition.


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