Sheriff Lee releases statement on recent face-covering mandate

Today, December 10th, the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Ryan Lee released the following information about the new public health orders.

As we have done throughout this pandemic, we must remain diligent to prevent the spread of the virus by following public health guidelines in an effort to minimize the spread and impact of COVID-19 here in Fremont County. “Locally we have been at this for 272 days,” said Sheriff Ryan Lee. “As a society, we are all fully aware of the dangers of this virus, however, we are also fully aware of what each and every one of us can do to help minimize the spread and impact of the illness amongst our community and families.”

Sheriff Lee states that compliance with the new face-covering mandate should be the personal responsibility of each citizen and not a matter of law enforcement. “Our Governor is sending a strong message about the current state of affairs in Wyoming,” said Sheriff Lee. “I understand his directive, however, my office will not be issuing criminal citations.”


Sheriff Lee reminds the public that local businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone on their private properties and that citizens who refuse to wear a mask at a business that requires it, may lawfully be denied entry just as they would if they refused to wear a shirt or shoes.

Sheriff’s Deputies and staff will continue to wear face coverings while in contact with citizens in an effort to protect the public and themselves from the transmission of COVID-19. Sheriff Lee urges the public to be safe this holiday season; as a community we can get through this.

You can read the latest health orders that went into effect on December 9th by clicking here.


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