Sheriff Lee asks recreators to be careful, diligent on frozen waters

(Fremont County, WY) – Fremont County Sheriff Ryan Lee released a public service announcement today, January 15th asking local anglers and recreators on frozen waters to be extra diligent and aware of compromised ice conditions throughout the county.

Certain areas are prone to thin ice conditions throughout even the coldest of winter months due to a variety of conditions, such as those around inlets, outlets, areas with current, aerators, and pressure ridges that were formed during ice over.

These areas prone to having already thin ice have been compromised further by recent weather events. “Some of these areas now have extremely thin ice or even open water in the middle of January,” Lee said.


He reminds everyone that “high winds and warm temperatures cut ice fast; and to be safe out there, remain diligent of your surroundings and please spread the word.”

The 10th annual Midvale Ice Fishing Derby on Ocean Lake kicks-off today, January 15th. Click here to read the latest.

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