Take the “labor” out of Labor Day! Let Shane save you big money on furniture & appliances

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    I’m so excited! After 9 long months…err seconds…of carrying this pillow, I will be inducing “labor.” So it’s my “Labor Day.” Get it?

    No? Pick up a calendar, what comes at the start of September? …. …. …. No rush. I’ll wait…Yes! Labor Day 2019 

    See so, Labor Day and “Labor Day” and I’ve got a pillow under my shirt like I’m…ok, if you missed the boat, I can’t help you 😉

    When you’re done chuckling at my ridiculous attempt to make you smile, I’ll explain the savings I’ll “give birth to” at Gambles this month!!

    Quit rolling your eyes – I sell furniture and appliances, not clown suits and whoopie cushions! Funny is tough around here sometimes 🙂

    Just like a newborn infant, this sale has to “grow up” over time, so there’s the “Baby” stage and the “Big Kid” stage. If you’re not at least smiling by now, you’re incapable of having fun.

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    Labor Day Sale: “Baby” Stage

    NOW – September 10th, 2019

    20 different models of mattresses are all 20% off during the Labor Day sale. Get a new mattress and rest your back, you know Shane will!

    All dining room, living room, and bedroom furniture are 15% off during the sale.

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    Labor Day Sale: “Big Kid” Stage

    August 22nd – September 10th, 2019

    Starting August 22nd, there are tons of deals on appliances throughout Gamble’s collection. Deals like…

    • Top Load Amana Washer & Dryer for just $399 each
    • Maytag Top Load washer that was $749 is now $529
    • The matching Maytag Dryer was $699 now $479
    • Maytag washer & dryers with 5 year warranty were $999 now $799
    • Front-load laundry starting at just $699

    Through the whole Labor Day Sale Gamble’s is offering 12 Month 0% Financing (with approved credit).

    Come congratulate Shane on the fastest Labor ever and enjoy these deals until September 10th!

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    Oh, and don’t bust your fingers up, the guys from Gamble’s deliver your items with FREE DELIVERY within 30 miles of the store (that includes Riverton!).

    Gambles is at 420 Main St. in Lander. They would love to hear from you at 307-332-3670 and you can also check them out on their website and Facebook.

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